What about students has changed since YOU went to school?

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Kids are more street smart, savvy with technology.
Brains wired differently.
Change in family units.
Sleep cycle has shifted.
Have kids actually changed fundamentally?
Maybe not being an adolescent!
Don't read printed text/magazine.
Info is mostly from their friends.
Watch less TV
They have instant access to anything.
They are trying to make sense of the world and the schools doesn't help them - isn't part of the world. They are coping.
They have greater awareness of things outside of their community.
Do the socially interact as well or as much?
They say their f2f associations are expanded.
Things are happening at a different stage of their lives.
Do students expect more?
Kids think that there is not a benefit to working hard - it will just be given to them.
Or is this just because they are dis-engaged??
They don't want to work hard on what we want them to work hard on..... they need meaningful and relevant work!
Entitlement ?
Kids have become powerful, confident and engaged in the 1 to 1 environments.
Kids will engage with adults in asking for what they need/want - unintended result that we didn't anticipate.
Presentation skills are strengthened.
Students expect info to be personalized and engaging.
Diverse nature of the classroom - academic and culturally.
Not as healthy - obese and kids don't learn as well when they are not well.
Kids have more MONEY - cash. However, still much poverty.
Better at Multitasking.
Is there a difference between a "student" and a "learner"? Is it just an age designation?
They expect more, but from whom?
What are kids passionate about today? Are we restricting their ability to find/explore their passions?
They don't perceive risk the same way older people do.