What about society has changed since YOU went to school?

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  • More connected.
  • 24 hour news cycles, CNN always on, MSNBC always on
  • Information access - any question we have, the information is out there
  • Separation between the wealthy and the poor - wealthy are getting wealthier and the poor are becoming poorer
  • More global awareness
  • Report first, correct later - react negatively without having all of the information. Information was packaged and filtered. News gets out without all of the facts.
  • Transparency.
  • Ability to challenge authority figures. Evened playing field for voices.
  • Farm economy, manufacturing.
  • Shift to knowledge economy.
  • More entertainment.
  • Politically polarized
  • Purpose for school seen differently (more options)
  • Loss in respect, trust in public authority
  • Different media formats, shopping formats, networking formats
  • Philosophy of immediate gratification
  • Today, we are moving beyond knowledge economy to a creative economy
  • Not as much play time, more organization, more competition
  • More social services
  • More skeptical because we have more awareness
  • We incubate ourselves with people who think the same way we do.
  • more self-advocacy
  • changes in family structure; 48% of Iowa births out of wedlock
  • expect speed in everything; instant gratification
  • elevated sense of entitlement
  • Millennials don't want to be like the older generation; work too much, don't take enough free time (but do they just have a different definition of "work")
  • Only 8 AEAs instead of 15!
  • Passive majority - extreme elements seem to dictate public debate and dialogue than it used to.
  • Increased apathy and cynicism
  • Increasing living in niches - separatness - making choices that reinforce ourselves
  • Can "sift" our info and associations
  • Increased competitiveness - here at university/prof. school level plus globally
  • globally cooperative/competitive/connected
  • dominate industries from the past are transforming or vanishing
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