What about schools has changed since YOU went to school?

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  • Distance learning
  • No more typing classes, keyboarding now at lower grades
  • No AP or dual credit
  • Teacher shortage areas
  • Not much change, even when considering the age of the person answering the question.
  • Policies reflecting the digital world have been developed (AUPs, etc.)
  • There has been change, but not necessarily meaningful change.• Smaller vocational programs now
  • Special Education law/legal requirements is more prominent
  • Attitude towards dropouts is changing
  • Access to information/communication from the school to the community has changed
  • Volume of homework has increased; the quality of homework has stayed the same
  • Parents are more opinionated; bring that opinion to school
  • Students understand the world in ways we didn't before
  • not enough
  • technology often used to do the same thing in a slightly different way
  • although: sometimes baby steps are a start to more meaningful change
  • educational problems are always somebody else's fault
  • schools don't have a sharp focus of how to serve kids' needs
  • the structure of a school day hasn't changed much, in spite of the fact that we're trying to do much more in the same framework and schedule
  • in the late 50's, the mission of school changed from "sift and sort" to trying to serve all needs
  • we have to relearn what it means to go to school
  • kids are used to "sit down, shut up, do your tests"
  • schools used to be the only show in town; my kids don't really need "school" to learn
  • facilities and ability to access info is greater and what they are learning is more complex and deeper
  • learning stuff earlier
  • more inpact by the culture
  • schools expected to do so much more socially and safety related
  • increasing kids from diverse and disablity backgrounds (challenging populations)
  • more homes where both parents work or in homes w only one parent
  • expect to do more with more challenging populations and keep them longer
  • average classroom teacher does not understand what has changed in the job market