What should schools look like in order to meet the needs of the 21st Century learner?

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  • ASSESSMENT needs to look different
  • universal broadband needed
  • blended approach to online and personalized networking
  • Asynchronous scheduling/anytime anywhere
  • teachers as independent contractors
  • virtual
  • global school, not blocked in by walls, borders, districts
  • school finance will look entirely different; parents get a portion of state funding money to purchase their kids' instruction independently
  • more schooling takes place at home
  • physical plant model might resemble a metro hospital model, with a main central building, smaller clinics, and tiny walk-in offices, each serving a particular purpose (like this - assisted living)
  • teacher is facilitator
  • competency based progress vs. grade based or age based - good for high flyers and low flyers (need learning software to assist with this)
  • need immediate feedback
  • greater replacement of teacher "work" by software
  • time could be used by teachers to be better at adding value
  • need virtual high school
  • blended/inter-disciplinary curriculum
  • No brick-and-mortar secondary buildings
  • authentic-based learning/assessment, as in the fine arts and athletics currently
  • student-driven instruction/assessment, not teacher-driven
  • common experiences/exposure

Need a consensus for change.
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